Ashikari-yama is an inconspicuous but graceful float of Gion Matsuri

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Main Float Frame
New |  June 2015

The main float frame was reconstructed by an architect named Nakanishi Yasuke in 1872, after damaged in the Hamaguri Rebellion at the end of the Edo period. Due to its severe degradation, the float was renewed by Takeda Komuten in 2015 for the first time in 143 years, and is ready to be carried for procession in the same year.

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Ninai-chaya (tea peddling kit)
Repair |  July 2015
This kit was “unearthed” from a storehouse in Ashikari-yama town in 2011. Because the peddling bar was missing and the kit was broken in many parts, it had only been displayed in the house for exhibition. Now that repair was completed in 2015, it is ready to be carried to the procession! The procession drawings from the Edo period and other periods indicate that residents of each float town carried tea utensils in this kit, to quench the thirst of procession attendants. The kit has a unique deformed logo of “蘆刈山” in old fonts on it, and townspeople have used this logo for the designs of Ashikari-yama T-shirt and chimaki since several years ago.
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Chimaki (Traditional Talisman)
New |  July 2015
The package design was renewed in 2012 for the first time in nine years. Aiming at a more simplified design, both the package design and the outer bag for chimaki were refreshed in 2015. On the first Sunday of July, all residents of Ashikari-yama town jointly make chimaki and prepare towels and T-shirts.
Ashikari-yama cho, West, Nishinotoin, Ayanokoji Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City,JAPAN